The Gospel

Guilt – and how to get rid of it

The concept of guilt is unpopular in western society today. Psychologists recognise the potential destructive effects of guilt and individuals are therefore encouraged to avoid such feelings. Instead, behaviour is linked to orientation, genetic influence and the effects of childhood experiences and poverty. Concepts such as ‘self-worth’ are promoted as the antidote to negative feelings and behaviour.

Whilst it is true that there can be an unhealthy obsession with guilt, the Bible makes it clear that this is the starting point in God’s dealings with individuals. Until someone is willing to face up to his personal guilt, reverently speaking, God can do nothing with him.

The fact of guilt is undeniable. The Bible says that every mouth is silenced and the whole world has become guilty before God. Each one of us is personally responsible for our actions. Each one has sinned–broken the law of God–and each one stands in danger of judgement as a result.

The answer is not to ignore our guilt but to deal with it. God has devised an amazing plan whereby He can pardon guilty sinners without in any way compromising His own standard of absolute holiness. That plan centres in the Lord Jesus Christ. Through His death on the cross and resurrection, Jesus Christ has met all the claims of God against sin. God can now be just and still justify everyone who believes in the Lord Jesus. Personal guilt can be removed forever–not by psychoanalysis or simply ignoring it, but by salvation through Jesus Christ.

Do you suffer from guilt feelings? These feelings are actually right and proper. The good news is that your guilt and guilty feelings can be removed now through Jesus Christ!